Various Bible study guides in subjects pertaining to

New Earth prophecy, as taught by Paul Phelps. 


For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the LORD,

they shall inherit the earth.      Psalm 37:9






The Earthly Inheritance idea raises questions

and this study guide provides some answers


A Bible study project by Paul Phelps. 

After several years of study this writing was completed in 2004. 




The EI Files provide a New Earth direction in Biblical thought



Q 01       What do the earthly inheritance files teach? 

 A 01       The earthly inheritance files are Bible study guides and essays intended
                to explain mankind’s future inheritance in the New Earth.  They explain
                theology and prophecy in the earthly context of Biblical interpretation. 

Q 02       Do these studies accept that heavenly inheritance is taught in the Bible? 

 A 02       Yes.  Heavenly inheritance is the priority call offered Christian believers
                during the Church age.  But the Messianic age is now in view and it has
                an earthly fulfillment


Q 03       Do Churches recognise earthly inheritance as a doctrinal truth? 

 A 03       Some do and some do not.  But that is not relevant because all churches
                of Bible definition are called and consecrated to the call of heaven alone

                After the Church age is over and the Christian believers are in heaven,
                the only gospel will be the
eternal gospel of the New Earth (Rev. 14:6-7). 

Q 04       Is this idea connected in some way to an existing religion or group? 

 A 04       It is fundamental Bible doctrine and therefore may be viewed as part of
                fundamental Christianity.  But it is not promoted through any group. 
                The Nicene Creed is the Statement of Faith.  Earthly Inheritance studies
                derive much of their substance from Judaism and early Christian belief. 

Q 05       What special ideas and concepts are emphasised in these teachings? 

 A 05       Faith in God and his word is fundamental.  Righteousness is necessary
                because earth's people will face judgment-day (Rev. 14:7; Mt. 25:31-46). 
                Righteousness in the earthly context is based on conscience and
Most Bible
prophecy is for earth; it is fundamental in New Earth study. 

Q 06       The Bible is a book for spiritual people—so how can earth-type people
                ever hope to understand it? 

 A 06       Spiritual discernment is given the Church by the Holy Spirit while here,
                but others may also gain wisdom from the Bible.  Christ’s own disciples
                did not always understand his words until they received the Holy Spirit
                (Acts 2:1-11,38-39) but they came under God’s protection while waiting
                for enlightenment.  Now also earthly people are awaiting enlightenment
                The earthly fulfilment of Joel 2:28-29 will be here soon

                “And it shall come to pass afterward (after the Church age is over), that
                I will pour out my Spirit upon
all flesh (earthly humanity); and your sons
                and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams,
                your young men shall see visions: and also upon the servants and upon
handmaids in those days (Messianic age) will I pour out my Spirit.” 

Q 07       In which languages are these essays published? 

 A 07       From the start these writings are in Chinese.  Other Asian language texts
                can be added as heaven indicates.  The English text accords with British
                international language criteria. 


Q 08       Can these writings be described as religious, or social? 

 A 08       The New Earth Writings are indexed at different search websites under
                both Religious and Social.  In content they are both religious and social
                They teach about God, and they also say much about earthly humanity. 

Q 09       Is this teaching intended for any people or group in particular? 

 A 09       God alone decides this.  Bible prophecy gives some indication about it
                but in principle these essays
are available to all, and are on the web in
both Chinese text format and English text format. 


Q 10       Are earthly inheritance teachings in any sense nationalistic? 

 A 10       These teachings do not promote nationalism as known in the world, but
                it is true that the New Earth theme creates a large degree of enthusiasm
                for a renewed human nature and the entitled of mankind that inherits it. 

Q 11       Is the earthly inheritance doctrine fair to all?  Is anyone left out? 

 A 11       Earth’s people will face judgment-day.  God judges in equity but he has
                standards.  People with a righteous life have an undeniable advantage. 
                Clean conscience prepares for the judgment-day and the New Earth. 

Q 12       What reason or motive prompts these studies coming at this time? 

 A 12       Christ’s soon return as Judge and King is the prime compelling reason. 
                This end-time teaching of this eternal gospel is foreshown in

Q 13       What long-term effects might come from propagation of these studies? 

 A 13       God alone knows.  Earthly Inheritance studies are seeds of truth—which
                will produce a crop.  God plants gospel seeds in individuals and nations
                and those that love goodness are being made ready for his soon return. 

Q 14       Are there preferred places where this subject can be studied? 

 A 14       For group study anywhere that Bible topics can be discussed is fine, but
                individual study is the most essential.  The Bible is the only text authority. 

Q 15       In connection to this, is there anything to join?  Is there a membership? 

 A 15       This Biblical wisdom is given freely for all; there is no membership now. 
                After Jesus returns, the only membership is citizenship in the New Earth. 

Q 16       How about making contact for inquiries or counsel or for offers of help to
                promote knowledge of the New Earth?  Is there any contact information? 

 A 16       All contacts are welcome including offers of ideas and help or questions
                on a topic of interest. 
 Communication is by Email: eifiles8@yahoo.com


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